Men in pink


Brad pitt pink suitIn modern society, there are a number of stereotypes about male clothing, but the strangest ones are related to the colors. Measuring merit, for example, is gray and dark blue, as if the choice of color is related to the character, qualities and skills of the individual.

The strangest, however, are pink associations. As soon as a man starts wearing pink clothes, he is rumored to be gay. Moreover, in Oxford’s vocabulary, pink is described as a color that is “associated with homosexuality.”

Somewhat this is due to the fact that in the twentieth century it is perceived as the girl’s color associated with the Barbie doll. In American culture it is associated with candy, chewing gum and sugar cotton. In the men’s wardrobe the pink comes and goes out of fashion. A few years ago popular were delicate pink shirts that did not hint at the sexual orientation of their owners.

Especially up-to-date is the combination of gray or blue – mostly in diamonds. Green is also an option. Designers, however, often make men nail when they choose to offer them socks or pants in candy. In this shade, it goes even out of the closet of homosexuals and bravely moves into the territory of the chalga pits.

This year at the Cannes festival, Pitt appeared in a pale pink suit combined with a white shirt and a dark gray scarf. In David Beckham’s wardrobe, it also features an accent. The matchmakers are not afraid to dress in pink, but they know what they want from this color and how to get the most out of it to emit style and provocative chic.

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