Prescriptive treatment of hypertension

The following are some of the prescriptive receipies for the treatment of hypertension

1. Egg Cai Yu :

[Recipe] 1 egg, mussels 50 grams, 50 grams of rice.
[method] egg peeled, mussels soaking washed a total of porridge with the rice, you can add a little salt. Daily morning and evening empty stomach.
[Effect] a pure heart pathogenic fire. Hypertension, tinnitus, dizziness, sore teeth, and so on.



2. Horseshoe lemon soup :

[Recipe] 1 lemon, chestnut (water chestnuts).
[method] water to cook. Edible may drink, dressed in uniforms effective.
[Effect] with treatment of hypertension, myocardial infarction is also highly beneficial to improve symptoms.


3. Chrysanthemum tea Huai :

[Recipe] chrysanthemum, Sophora japonica, green tea, 3 grams each.
[method] to boiling water steep. After the frequent drinking to be concentrated in peacetime when the tea.
[Effect] heat, casual style. Hypertension caused by dizziness and headache.



[Recipe] 2 fresh tomatoes.
[method] will tomatoes washed, dipped in sugar every morning empty stomach.
[Effect] heat blood pressure, bleeding. With treatment of hypertension, retinal hemorrhage.



5. Lotus :

[Recipe] lotus 2-3 grams.
[method] to water steep, on behalf of the tea used.
[Effect] a pure heart, astringent refined, bleeding, blood pressure. Treatment of hypertension-induced Touyunnaozhang, palpitations and insomnia.



6. Gourd juice of fresh:

[Recipe] fresh gourds, honey, the appropriate amount.
[method] will be smashed fresh twist whichever gourd juice to honey and mix thoroughly. Each taking half a cup to a cup 2 times a day.
[Effect] Chufan buck. The treatment of hypertensive disease caused Fanre thirst.



7. Corn :

[Recipe] 60 grams of corn.
[method] will be dried corn, washed and add water to cook. Drink 3 times a day.
[Effect] blood pressure, diuresis. With the treatment of hypertension.



8. Persimmon paint, milk :

[Recipe] persimmon paint (ie, immature persimmon juice) 30 ml milk 1 large bowl.
[method] milk, boiling hot, into the persimmon paint, at times taking 3.
[Effect] heat blood pressure, high blood pressure with treatment, the tendencies of stroke, can be used for emergency purposes.



9. pig bile mung bean flour:

[Recipe] 200 grams of pig bitter bile, mung bean flour 100 grams.
[method] will mix with bile mung bean powder, dried, research into Ximo. 10 grams per serving, 2 times a day.
[Effect] heat, Pinggan. Hypertension.



10. Cucumber vine soup :

[Recipe] dry cucumber vines 1.
[method] add water to cook into the soup washed 2 times a day, each 1 cup.
[Effect] heat, diuretic. Hypertension.


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