Thyroid Cancer- Causes and Remedies

Thyroid cancer is a malignant thyroid neoplasm. It is treated with radioactive iodine or thyroid surgery. Thyroid surgery is required in severe cases, and sometimes the whole gland is removed. Thyroid cancers do not show symptoms during the early stage. After some time, as the cancer grows, a person can feel a small lump in the neck.


Early symptoms of thyroid cancer include nodules. In fact, thyroid nodules are some of the very first symptoms. However, not all of thyroid nodules are malignant. Some of them are harmless. Therefore, it is necessary to determine whether a nodule is cancerous or non-cancerous. Enlarged lymph nodes are also considered signs of thyroid cancer. Pain in the neck and voice changes are also some of the symptoms of thyroid cancer. Hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, breathing difficulty, throat pain and neck pain are also some of the thyroid cancer symptoms.

Keep in mind that these symptoms can indicate other conditions. Some benign conditions can have the same symptoms, so you will have to visit your doctor for further analyses.


If thyroid nodules are found in people younger than twenty, further analyses are required. In such cases, chances for malignancy are greater.

Nodule presence is usually detected by ultrasound. Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) levels will be measured, too. If there is any thyroid abnormality, it will be detected by these tests.

Types of thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancers are classified according to histopatological characteristics. There are several types.

  • – Papillary thyroid cancer is seen in young women.
    – Anaplastic thyroid cancer is another type of thyroid cancer. It is unresponsive to treatment and often causes pressure symptoms.
  • – Follicular thyroid cancer
  • – Medullary thyroid cancer
  • – Now, papillary and follicular types are both defined as differentiated thyroid cancers.

Thyroid cancer usually requires surgery. Thyroid surgeries done in such cases include tracheostomy, lobectomy, and thyroidectomy.

Radioactive iodine is used in treating follicular or papillary thyroid cancers, for thyroid residual tissue ablation, after surgery or as a treatment of thyroid cancer.

Some groups of people are at higher risk of developing thyroid cancer. People older than thirty are at risk. Women are at higher risk of developing thyroid cancer, than men are. People who have been exposed to radiation are also at risk. Those with a family history of thyroid gland cancer are at risk, too.

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